Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Breakfast in Solvang

We decided to drive in to Solvang and have a late breakfast. We tried the Viking Garden Restaurant today. It was ok but nothing special. I tried a Danish dish called Aebelskiver, which are little pancake balls served with raspberry jelly and applesauce. They were pretty good. They are about the size of golf balls, there were 3 of them in the breakfast.

This is the outside of the Viking Garden

We wait patiently for our breakfast.

After eating, we walked around town and did a little shopping. I found a couple of gifts to send to some friends, and a tiny doll to put on the small shelves my sister and brother in law gave us for Christmas.

Jim takes a little shopping break.

We came back home around 1:00. I took the dogs out for a short walk. Jim decided he wanted to get something for dinner from the market and I wanted a longer walk, so he went shopping again while I walked again.

Pretty exciting day! Here's a picture Jim took a couple of days ago we thought the sky looked so interesting!Until tomorrow then.


dreamjosie said...

Now you really are making me miss that area. Solvang, the food and the wine...I loved that little town!


Anonymous said...

Me too! I lived here for almost 10 years and it was a great place to settle. Very little crime and nice people.