Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Monday

After a quick walk with the dogs and a couple of cups of coffee this morning, I was ready to face the world. We decided to go to Solvang to have breakfast at Paula's Pankcake House. We ate there once before and liked it, so we decided to go again. I had Belgian pancakes which were wonderful.

We checked for our mail at general delivery. It was here, so that's taken care of. We typically have the mail sent about once a week, unless we're on the way somewhere, and then it might wait an extra week. We have had only one problem with getting our mail, and as it turned out, it was because we had not requested priority delivery. Now, we ask Escapees to use priority delivery all the time.

We stopped at the market and got some fresh chicken breasts to grill and put together a salad from their salad bar. Then we went by the Santa Ynez mission. We'd left the cameras at home, so we didn't get any pictures just then. We came on back home. I had paperwork to do - I've been putting it off, which is my usual mode. Our tax accountant back in Colorado Springs e-mailed our packet to us on Jan. 1, and I still had not printed out the work sheets. I've done that much, now I need to get busy and pull together all the necessary materials and fill out the forms. Ugh. Too much like work!

Jim wanted to go back and take some pictures of the mission, and I wanted to go for a long walk. So we went our separate ways. I walked to another part of the recreation area here at Cachuma Lake. It is so beautiful here, and there are many roads and paths. Walking here is not a problem at all! I've found some places we've stayed to be quite challenging - read boring - to walk as much as I need to. That's why I really like staying in state, county, Corps of Engineer parks, etc., instead of RV parks. Many RV parks are located in industrial areas, or parts of town that may not be safe to walk in.

Jim got some pretty nice pictures of the mission.

We met back home and Jim grilled some very delicious chicken breasts. The salad was already done, so all I had to do was pull some frozen vegetables out of the freezer and put them in the microwave. Oh, and slice some sourdough bread. Dinner done!

You may notice a new link on the margin, under our picture, for RV Resources. I'd like to thank them for including a link to my blog on their site.

Only one more day here, then it's travel time again! We'll be heading back to Tucson and the Diamond J RV park. Until tomorrow then.

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