Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I See the Moon

Today's picture is being brought to you courtesy of yet another sleepless night in Tucson. Well, to be perfectly correct, we've slept at night, it's just that the past three mornings, we've awakened between 3 and 4 am. This morning, it was Jasmine again, only this time she heard a noise and growled. I think I heard the noise too, but it was her growl that woke me sharply. Jim heard her, but not the noise. We never got back to sleep and finally got up a little before 5.

When I went out with the dogs right about 7, I saw this incredible moon about to set. I hurried the dogs along and went back inside to grab the camera. We were heading out for breakfast at Coyote Pause, so we drove a ways up San Joaquin to see if we could get away from telephone poles and wires for the best picture. So, the frustration of lost sleep turned to the awe of capturing this beautiful moment.

After breakfast, we came home and Jim gathered yet more laundry and headed off to the laundry room while I went in search of the little post office branch near here to mail a few things. Another purpose for the search was to see if I could find a hair salon that had been recommended by the lady at Coyote Pause. I've learned to ask women whose hairstyle I like, where they get their hair cut. When I did that this morning, the surprise response was that she cuts it herself! Well, that's a thought. I'm not quite confident I could do that, so we'll put that one on the back burner for awhile. I didn't find the place she mentioned so I came back home.

Jim wanted to get his hair cut at a well-known chain, where I prefer not to go unless I'm desparate. I was, so I went with him. I gave the hair cutter (I don't call them stylists) specific instructions as to how I wanted it. She got it about 90%, so that's pretty good.

We spent the afternoon reading and working on some computer files.

The vet's office called to check on Jasmine. I was happy to report that she's doing better!

So the afternoon slipped by. We had a simple dinner at home. We'd like to sleep late in the morning.


Karon said...

Absolutely beautiful picture!

Miss Jasmine is better!

Life is good!

Love you, Karon

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie and Jim. Loved the photo. Email me and tell me all about blogs. I am so behind the times.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture! Looks like one for the desktop. I'm so glad Jasmine is better.