Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The High Rent District

We discussed, at great length, our route from Lake Cachuma to Tucson. The final decision was that we would go across the LA metro area instead of through the mountains or down to San Diego. I worked for hours with Google Earth to plot the exact lanes we needed to be in from 101 South, to 134 East, to 210 East, 57 South, and finally, 10 East. With both Microsoft Streets and Trips with the GPS receiver and Google Earth running, I was able to navigate us all the way across the metro area without any mishaps or wrong lanes. We left at 9:31 a.m. and got to Indio, California, just after 3:30 this afternoon. We stopped one time for a quick break, and one other time for gas and a bite to eat. We traveled just about 280 miles. Once again, I was grateful I have the Verizon air card. This allowed me to stay online all day for Google Earth.

We did have to deal with some wind, but not as bad as it could have been. All in all, it wasn't really all that hard a drive. Although, Jim did say this afternoon that he would be having an adult beverage when we got parked.

We're staying one night at the Indian Wells Carefree RV Resort. I called one place on the way, Shadow Hills RV Resort. The snappy woman who answered the phone was very curt and rude when she informed me that the Passport America discount isn't valid during high season. She made sure she pointed out to me that "it's in the book!" Their cost for one night was $55, plus an extra dollar per pet. No thanks, we'll find another place. I called this place, and while not a lot cheaper at $46, they were very nice on the phone and don't charge extra for pets.

I didn't take pictures through the windshield today, but here's the view out our front window - above the rv's and park models across the little street.

Tomorrow we get a treat -- we're planning to stop in Blythe and have a quick lunch with Jo and Fred Wishnie.

Until tomorrow then.

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