Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We Say "See Ya" to California

Jim offered one more trip out to Surf Beach for one last beach walk before we head towards the land of the Sagauros. Of course, I jumped at the offer. We stopped in Solvang for one last Belgian Waffle and headed to Lompoc and Surf Beach.

The pelican patrol was on duty.

The coots were hanging around as well.

The surf didn't disappoint.

After our beach visit, we headed back to Lompoc to take care of some business and then back to the motor home. On the way, we stopped to check out a geocache. I can't tell you exactly where this picture was taken, but I'm just about to grab the cache!

There was a very nice view of Lake Cachuma at the place we stopped.

Back to the motor home to get started on our activities in preparation for tomorrow's departure. Jim scrubbed and rinsed the motor home, he didn't use any soap this time. Last summer while we were in Arlington, we hand waxed and polished the motor home, so it still looks pretty good. He also did his tire and engine checks. A few days ago he took care of greasing all the little places under the motor home that he does on a regular basis.

I took my walk and then worked on our route for tomorrow. I'll finish up the packing in the morning. Tonight I still want to get the dogs washed. They need grooming, but that will have to wait until Tucson.

We actually won't be out of California tomorrow, but this is our last night at Lake Cachuma. It's been a great 2 weeks. Yet, we're both looking forward to the change of scenery.

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