Monday, January 21, 2008

Driving in Tucson

The campground where we are parked is roughly 6 miles west of I-19, and 8 miles west of I-10, just off the Ajo Highway southwest of the city of Tucson. We've discovered that this is a pretty far distance from most anything we might want to do in Tucson, since most of the business areas are north of here and on the east side of the interstates.

I decided to take Jasmine to a veterinarian today after she was sick again during the night. I called the closest one, but they recommended an emergency clinic that is close to 20 miles away. No problem, I needed to get her there, so Jim agreed to work on the laundry while I did that. It took us over 3 hours to get to the clinic, wait to be seen, wait for blood test results, get her treatment established and drive back. I probably don't know the fastest routes as far as traffic patterns and so forth. I just look at the map and plan what looks like the easiest route.

When I got back Jim had finished 6 loads of laundry and was ready to go get something to eat and get out and about. So we settled the dogs in and back out we went. We decided to go back and take a second look at a motor home we saw that we liked, so we stopped at the first restaurant we saw and had a bite to eat, then went back to the dealership and spent some time talking to them about it. We also visited a different, very well known dealership, and decided they are far too pushy, so we left without looking at much there.
Jasmine seems to be feeling a lot better this evening, so I hope she's on the mend.

I didn't take any pictures today, so these are some more from our desert walk yesterday. When I look at the pictures I take, I realize that no matter how good the pictures might look, they just don't capture the beauty of the desert. All my life I've heard people say the desert is beautiful, and my poor little mind just couldn't grasp how a desert can be beautiful. Now I know. I just wish the pictures could really show it.

Tomorrow at least two of us in the family really need to get haircuts. That would be Mr. Bo Jangles and me.

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dreamjosie said...

Sorry to hear Jasmine is sick. Hope she gets better soon.

One of the advantages of staying at that nice campground out in the desert is that it is out in the desert away from the city.

One of the disadvantages of staying at that campground out in the desert is that it is out in the desert away from city.

It doesn't help that the highway, which would facilitate getting around, is under construction.

Keep having fun, and give kisses to puppy Jasmine for me.