Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

It seems like only yesterday I posted a picture of the moon set. Oh, yes, I remember now. We got sleep deprived after a few days of waking up way too early. Yesterday was spent catching up on our rest and having a day off. A couple of good nights' sleep, and we're rejuvinated.

Happily, Jasmine seems to be much more her little bouncy self today. When she walks, she has that happy dog, prancing step that is characteristic of her. She seems hungry all the time, although we are only just starting to introduce her regular food back into her diet.

Today, we had visitors coming for dinner, so we spiffed up the place a bit. I used to get pretty uptight about having everything just so when we had company. Not so much anymore. If the place isn't spotless, if I don't have linen napkins and placemats, well, that's just the way it is. It's more important to me to be able to relax and enjoy good company, good conversation, and have my wits about me to listen and learn.

Doug and JoAnn came to enjoy a salmon, salad and new potato meal with us this evening. JoAnn made a killer chocolate cheesecake pie, oh, that was decadent! We had wonderful conversation about, well, what do fulltimers talk about - our rigs, our travels, where we've been and where we might go. It was a fun evening and we enjoyed the time very much! We talked about a trip to Mexico one day before they leave here, that would be a fun day!
JoAnn and Doug are discussing important matters with Jim
Doug tries to get a reluctant BoJangles to pose for a picture. Mr. BJ is not one to enjoy having his picture taken.
Tomorrow we will be providing a "moving day, no cooking" dinner for the Wishnies who should be arriving here at Diamond J sometime early afternoon. The tradition of providing a dinner for folks arriving at the same campground is fun, and something we're pleased to continue.

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