Friday, January 11, 2008

Reflections on a Slow Day

Well, it wasn't really such a slow day. We actually got a lot of things done. But as I was doing things, I was also thinking a lot today. I realize that even doing mundane things like laundry, brushing the dogs, cleaning our home on wheels, and so forth, are special because of our lifestyle. I walked the dogs along a beautiful lake shore framed by high mountains. We took an awesome drive up Highway 101, along the Pacific Ocean, at sunset.

When we were finished with our chores, we had an opportunity to play, at whatever we wanted to. Today, I reflected on the beauty of this life, savoring the sunshine, the companionship I share with Jim and our dog-kids, and the friends we've kept as well as the new friends we've met.

It truly is a blessing to be able to live this lifestyle. I sometimes wonder if I would feel like this, being retired and living in a house back in Colorado Springs, where I've lived almost my entire life. I don't think so.

True, there are still challenges to this life, getting routine medical care isn't as routine. We face uncertainty with the weather when it turns windy, cold and/or wet. Good friends and family are far away. We face confusion and danger trying to drive through big cities when we don't know exactly where we're going. Lots of things can go wrong. But the beauty, peace, and sanity of how we live seems to outweigh all of those challenges.

Here's a view of the mountains from yesterday's eagle cruise.
Jim took this close-up of a tree -- scary looking face!

Even crows deserve a picture sometimes!

Santa Barbara at sunset.

Traveling up Highway 101, the sunset over the Pacific.

Yes, it is a beautiful life!

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Anonymous said...

Ellie and Jim,

Your pictures are fantastic and I envy you being down there in the Santa Barbara/Solvang area... one of my favorite places!! How long are you going to be down there? Would love to catch up with you but we cannot leave until about the 2nd week of February because of doctor and dentist appts...

Hope to see you this year somewhere