Saturday, January 5, 2008

We See a Little Sunshine

Writing a journal is fun when we're out and about, having new adventures, seeing new things. It becomes a little more challenging when one of us doesn't feel well or there's not much going on. These days are part of life. Living in an RV changes life a lot. But, not entirely. I still have my Christmas cold and don't feel all that great. I don't feel terrible, but my energy level is way down. Some days, like most of today, aren't much different in an RV than in a "sticks and bricks".
The weather was a little better today. Actually it was quite a bit better, since it hasn't rained all day - yet. The dogs and I got out for several mini-walks and I took a few pictures.

Here's a blue jay taking advantage of a rain puddle to clean up.
Another blue jay and an acorn woodpecker

A pretty good view of the acorn woodpecker

See? I think there is more water in Cachuma Lake today!

This is a view of our loop in the campground. Not very crowded!

We went to a local grocery, El Rancho Market in Santa Ynez. It is a delightful market, and the prices were not sky high. The produce was fresh looking as well as neatly and colorfully arranged. They have a deli with a multitude of choices for salads, sandwiches and other prepared foods. There is a well-stocked meat market that includes seafood. The staff was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. What a breath of fresh air from the typical supermarket.

As we travel the country, one of the greatest benefits we have is seeing and experiencing the different cultures that exist in our country. Of course, nearly every town and city has the same fast-food and cookie cutter restaurants and markets. The malls and shopping centers look alike. I notice a slight variation in the goods they carry, but for the most part, one town looks a lot like the next one. Part of the adventure of travel is to find the local gems, the differences and the individuality that exists in each place we stop.

Jim prepared a green chili-pork stew that is wonderful! We had that with flour tortillas for our main meal. I've rested while the football playoff games are going on in the background. All in all, not a bad day!

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Karen said...

Well, this is the second time I'm trying to get this posted. I've finally caught with your travelin and sounds like you are having fun and enjoying the life. Keep it up. I really like the pictures of the beach and the wild waves.