Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Last Day in the Hill Country

A cold front is moving through, so today has been cloudy and windy all day. It's not terribly cold, just a gray day. That didn't bother us a bit, as we began our routine to get ready to leave tomorrow.

Jim started with the "blue" jobs, those that involve primarily the outside. He installed the Pressure Pro sensors to check the air in the tires. This is one of our best investments; too bad we suffered a blow out on our toad before we made the investment. But we both feel much more confident now that we have our Pressure Pro. We got our system from Mike and Pat McFall, http://www.pressureprosystem.com/ The McFalls were great to work with, and we're very happy with the system.

We dumped our tanks and backflushed the black tank. We work on that one together. Everyone who has an RV knows about the standard sensors and how they don't work reliably. So every now and then we completely backfill the black tank with clean water and let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Today we added a little dish soap and let it soak. Mission accomplished, now the empty black tank actually reads empty. Another method we use sometimes is filling the empty black tank about half full of clean water and adding a 20 lb. bag of crushed ice just before we drive the motor home to a new location. The action of the ice water seems to clean the sensors. Once we get to our new location, we dump the black tank. Of course, these methods of cleaning the tank are temporary, but they make us feel better.

I packed away some of the "do-dahs" I have sitting around, including the steering-wheel table where I have a couple of plants and my Kachina Dolls. It seemed like a good day to cook, so I made waffles with eggs and turkey-bacon for breakfast, a batch of reduced fat fudge (yeah, right), and a southwest hash for our main meal. Because of all that cooking, I also cleaned the kitchen 3 times.

Other than those little jobs, we've spent the day quietly, playing computer games and watching some old tv shows.

There wasn't a lot going on for taking pictures, so I'm posting some that I took yesterday around the campground.

On a side note, I had a reader mention that she wasn't able to enlarge my pictures to get a bigger view of them. I'm trying to figure that one out, because up until a couple of days ago, the pictures could be enlarged. I'm not sure what I've done differently, but I'll see if I can fix it, Jenny.

This bush has almost no leaves on it, so the lone flower really stands out. I liked the bird's nest too, but the light wasn't that great for pictures.

Here's a panoramic view from the opposite side of the campground from our site

These pretty flowers are still blooming by the office.

Tomorrow begins a new adventure for us, we'll be traveling to Rockport, Texas. See you then.


Janet said...

Hi Ellie-
Enjoy reading your blog and hope to be travelin' like you guys some day too.
Please post what you find out about the photos as I have the same problem on my blog. It seems that when I move them around in the compose mode, they lose something that makes them able to expand. I'm a self taught blogger so any suggestions are welcome!
Keep up the great posts and safe traveling.

Kerry said...

Hi Ellie - love your blog. Love the pics of Jas and Bo - they are so cute. Afraid Barney and Meggie wouldn't fit in the shower. Wish Terry and I were still in our RV and traveling. See you soon.