Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dog Day

The day started out cloudy and cool. I thought that was a great deal, since the side of the motor home I'd be using to groom the dogs gets morning sun. But, by the time our walk was done and breakfast completed, the sun was starting to burn through the clouds. So, we had a sunny grooming session for awhile.

I started with Jasmine. I brush and then bathe her. Bathing the dogs is a lot easier in the motor home than it was in our sticks and bricks house. The shower stall in the motor home is big enough, and it doesn't have a high edge, so it's easy to get the dog in and out. With the long shower hose, getting them clean is pretty easy. After the cleaning, out to the grooming table they go. I have all the equipment set up and ready when I get them out to the table.

Here's Jasime, sporting her fresh hair cut. She is an easy dog to work with and enjoys the attention she gets during the session. She was a rescue dog, and when we first got her, she would not have anything to do with getting her nails trimmed. I worked and worked with her, and now she doesn't mind it at all.

Mr. Bo Jangles is not as eager to go through the process. He tolerates it, but is always glad to have it done with. His coat is so different than Jasmine's. It's very fine and catches every little blade of grass and burr he comes across.

After the grooming was all finished, we got out for another walk. Here they are, practicing their "sit, stay" on the rocks.

This is the patio area of the park. There's a nice little fountain and pond behind the red chairs.

Jasmine and BoBo are enjoying a look around from the patio wall. Pets are not allowed in the patio area, so this was a treat for them to see the view.

Below is the patio from the other side of the building. I love that there are still flowers blooming in November!

Jim made a small batch of fresh salsa while I worked on the dogs. He used a couple of japalenos, an onion, several different kinds of tomatoes, and some carrot in addition to the spices. It turned out very tasty.

He also took the dogs' bedding up to the laundry room and ran it through the washer and dryer. Now the pups are clean and their beds are too. The remainder of his day has been devoted to watching 3 or 4 college football games at the same time. Congratulations to the Air Force Academy in their win over Army!

Grooming both dogs in one day pretty much does me in for the day. It takes about 2 to 2 and a half hours per dog. So not much else has happened today.

Here's another shot of our motor home in our site here at Top of the Hill.

Now, if we can just remember to turn the clocks BACK tonight -- but I guess it really won't matter if we forget! We'll get up sometime around daylight, no matter what time it is.

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Karen said...

Hi Jim,
Please save some of that salsa for Chris and I especially if it is like the last batch we had from you. It had a great "kick". How did you like the way the Broncos played. I guess thay need a kick.
I'm glad you both are enjoying yourself traveling.