Saturday, November 17, 2007

Domestic Chores and a Rainy Afternoon

I can only put off those "to do's" so long. Since it was cloudy and nearly raining this morning, it seemed like a good day to do a few things around here. So after a shorter than usual walk because it started to rain, we started working on the outside compartment that is mostly "mine". I keep the vacuum cleaner and dog grooming supplies there, plus our long-handled tools like window and rv washing brushes, my broom and mop. I'd wanted to neaten the compartment by getting plastic tubs to keep things organized. We took everything out and vacuumed it. Then Jim measured to make sure what size tubs would fit. We ended up with two tubs, which will work just fine. We want to figure out some way to hang the long-handled items so they are up and out of the way when I need to get a tub out. We're still thinking about how that should be done.

While Jim went over to Walmart to pick up the tubs and a few other things, I started in on the refrigerator. I took everything out to deep clean it. Our fridge is a double door with removable shelves. But, to remove the shelves, I have to take off a couple of plastic strips that are screwed into each side wall of the fridge to hold the shelves in place while traveling. It's a big pain, but I need to do it to really get in there and clean the inside really well. I finished that job just as Jim came back with the tubs. We got all of the items organized and put back in the compartment.

After all that, I was ready for a break. Jim was settled in with a college football game, so I called Karon to see if she wanted to get out and about. We thought we might do a little geocaching and/or bird watching. We had fun, but didn't find any caches today. It started raining pretty hard, so we didn't get much bird watching done either.

Because of the rain, I have only one picture from today to post. The rest are from yesterday's trip to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge. This shot is from a bird observation deck that is located across the road from Walmart in Rockport. While we were here, I saw the tiniest frog, maybe about the size of my thumbnail. I couldn't get a good picture of it though, because I didn't have the right lense for the camera. Darn it!

The rest of the pictures are some scenery we saw yesterday at the wildife refuge.

The rain has stopped and it's a cool evening. I think tomorrow may be laundry day, and then I'll see what else I can get into.

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