Monday, November 19, 2007

A Walk in the Park

I woke up early this morning to the sound of water dripping on the roof. It took me awhile to become conscious enough to realize it was because of the fog, not that it was sprinkling or raining.

Laundry was on the agenda this morning. Jim went to the grocery while I got the clothes washed and dried.

After chores got done, the fun could begin. Jim was planning a fishing trip with Karon's husband, so she and I went out and about. We started at the Rockport Beach Park. This park is Texas's first certified "Blue Wave" beach, which is a designation to promote public awareness and voluntary participation in maintaining clean and healthy beaches. This beach area has many different types of facilities, including fishing piers, playgrounds, pavilions that can be rented for events, bird nesting areas and observation deck, public boat dock and a saltwater swimming area. It was warm enough today that we saw many children out playing in the water.

I had to use "my" old camera today, as Jim wanted to take the Canon with him, in case of a great catch. So today's pictures are from the Olympus. As Karon & I walked the beach, we came by these gulls, trying to get a little shade, it was warm out there on that beach!

Ducks and birds playing together in the sand.

This is a view across the Little Bay area from the pavilion deck.

After our beach walk, we decided to go back to the wetlands observation deck we'd visited last week. There's a geocache hidden here that we didn't find, and I'd seen roseate spoonbills here when Jim and I visited.

We still didn't find the geocache, but we did see some crabs in the shallow water below the deck.

We could see the roseate spoonbills, but they were too far away to get a good picture. I hope while we're here, I'll get to see them up close, as they are very interesting looking birds. They have long bills that are, surprise, spoon-shaped, and they have very distinctive pink coloring.

Karon and I called our husbands and found that they had gone out fishing, will probably be gone into the evening. I hope they catch some fish! My job is to watch the Denver Broncos and report on any spectacular plays.

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