Thursday, November 8, 2007

For the Birds

Last evening, we walked over to the pool for a short swim and a dip in the hot tub. That sure felt good! After that, it was time to head to the RV-Dreams Chat Room for the first scheduled chat discussion. The topic was "How to Pick a Campground" with Howard moderating. I enjoyed the discussion, and learned some tricks that others use in researching and picking new campgrounds. I also learned about a few campgrounds that we might be interested in down the road. We seem to be similar to many others in our approach to finding the next place to stay. My first preference is personal recommendation, coupled with the reviews on to see what others have said about a place. Then we discuss the ideas and make our decision. What we probably do differently from some others is make reservations. We haven't been fulltiming very long, and we still like to plan out where we're going to be quite a ways out. I'd like to get away from that a little more, and as time goes on and we become more comfortable with picking parks, we probably will make fewer reservations. Having said that, we do plan to lock in our reservations for the Christmas holiday pretty soon, especially since we're planning to be in Central California, and from what I understand, reservations are important at that time of year.

This morning, we decided to forego our planned ho-hum work day and go on an adventure with our friend, Karon, who has a permament RV site here. She knows the area very well and offered to drive us around so we can get our bearings. We headed out towards Aransas Pass, across the ferry to Port Aransas and to the beach.

We took over 80 pictures today. Most of the best ones turned out to be of birds. Neither one of us really knows much about birds, and we can't really identify most of them. But I think what we have here is a sandpiper, seagulls in flight, a pelican, and a seagull. I took several pictures of this little bird as he splashed in the water, I think looking for food.

Did I mention how much I love the water? When I'm near the water, my soul feels at peace. The sound of the waves coming in, the hypnotic motion of the water just seem to calm me and reach something deep inside my spirit. I loved the way the sun shimmered on the water by this fishing pier.

After leaving Port Aransas, we headed down Mustang Island and to Padre Island. We came back up through Corpus Christi to Rockport. It was a grand circle and gave us an idea of some of the places we'll want to revisit while we're here.

I've got Karon interested in Geocaching, and we plan to go out within the next few days to see what we can find. When I looked on this morning, I found over 243 caches in this area. Gee, I hope we can find a few!

Last winter we spent a lot of time at the Mesa Market, near where we stayed in Apache Junction. One of the shops there carried these neat decals to put on windows. We bought 2 of them, one is a Kokopelli (the little flute-playing dude), and this one of palm trees. This morning before we left, Jim put away Kokopellli and installed these palm trees in our door window.

Now we're tropical!


Kerry said...

Ellie - love your pictures! I feel the same about water - it is so mesmerizing to me. I feel like I'm drawn to it! Enjoy. I really do miss being in our RV and traveling.

vegasgranny said...

Sure can't wait till you and Jim come to PEI. You should bring a couple of friends along either Ann and DH or Karon and her DH.
So enjoying the travels. Oh forgot to say 200 feet from the end on my driveway is a walking path for Bo and Jazz.