Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The USS Lexington

From yesterdays' pictures of the birds that needed to be identified, the first one is a Kingfisher and the second a Killdeer. Thanks to Sandra and another friend, VG for the confirmation on those!

After breakfast and walks this morning, we decided to stop at the local RV supply store to see if they had any of the things we need, such as a new carbon monoxide detector, wiper blades, water filter, and Sta-bil for the gas tank. After spending about 30 minutes talking to several different sales people, we finally determined they don't carry any parts for Fleetwood prodcuts. So, we will either wait to get to a bigger area or just order them all online. We did find the Sta-bil there, so the trip wasn't a total loss. I also asked them if they know of any good, professional carpet cleaning services in the area. They didn't know, so I'll keep asking around the park.

After the shopping trip, we headed to Corpus Christi to visit the USS Lexington for a tour.

This picture was taken from the deck of the ship, you can see the bridge and aquarium.

Jim is on the flight deck by one of the planes on display.

There are five separate self-guided "tours" that you can take to see the various parts of this ship that had the longest sevice of any aircraft carriers - 40 years. Also included in the $11.95 admission fee is a free movie. The one we watched was about a fighter pilot participating in a training exercise.

Here's a shot of the ship as we exited.

This picture was taken from the bridge across Corpus Christi Bay.

It was an interesting tour. I kept thinking of all the people who served aboard this ship, especially during the time of WWII. I don't think wars are right, but I absolutely respect the men and women who serve our nation.

We had a nice lunch in a nearby restaurant, more wonderful shrimp. After lunch we headed back to Rockport and stopped by the local Chamber of Commerce to pick up a birding guide of the area.

Last night, one of the local Corpus Christi TV stations ran a short story about Winter Texans. They are predicting fewer folks will be heading down here this year because of gas prices. The interesting thing about the piece was the fact that the rv park we're in - The Lagoons, was used as the backdrop for the story. We saw the news truck on our "street" the other day, now we know why it was here. I won't mind if some of the Winter Texans wait until later to come, the park isn't very crowded now, and I like it this way.

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