Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gone Fishin' and More Geocaching

Jim was really looking forward to going fishing while we're here in Rockport. Yesterday afternoon was the time. He was invited to go with some friends on a small boat out in the Aransas Bay. My assignment was to watch Monday Night Football for him. That normally isn't my favorite activity, but since the Denver Broncos were playing, I was ok with it. Especially since they won!

He took this shot of the sunset while twisting around in the boat, so it isn't very level but it made an interesting picture.

The fishing trip was a success, as Jim caught 4 speckled trout. One of the other guys caught the nice red. The largest trout was 20" and the red was about 24". Congratulations, guys!

With all the talk and my outings with Karon to go geocaching, Jim was curious to see what it's all about, and today he went with me.

Our first stop was a bust, since the area was closed today. The second stop provided a couple of good photo opportunities, but no cache was found.

If you're ever in the Rocport area, doing geocaching, this little plane might provide a hint about where we were.

Finally, a cache was found! We disturbed a spider (no picture of that, sorry!) and destroyed her web, but got the log signed and the cache returned safely to it's spot.

After a quick lunch at a local eatery, we crossed the Copano Bay Bridge and stopped for one more hunt. Jim found this one by himself and proclaimed the day a success.

Once we got home, I started looking for a good campground near Austin, Texas. My sister and brother in law will be on their way back to Colorado from Florida about the time we leave here for California. We're going to try to get together for a night so we can celebrate a late Thanksgiving and early Christmas together. Can't wait! We haven't seen them since June, and it will be close to May before we get back to Colorado to visit family and friends.

In this age of technology, some of our closest friends are other people on the road that we may or may not have met in person yet. But through the internet, we keep up with them through our blogs and websites. So, I want to close today with condolences to two of our online "friends". Last week, Howard, of the RV-Dreams community, lost a cousin in a hunting accident. Yesterday, Froggi Donna, of "From the Lily Pad" lost her puppy, BoBo, when he darted in front of a car. We are sorry for both your losses! Our thoughts and prayers go out to you for peace and comfort.

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