Thursday, November 22, 2007


This is our first Thanksgiving as fulltimers. We'd planned a celebration with our friend Karon and her husband. We cooked the turkey, which was actually 2 nice turkey breasts that Jim smoked on the little Smokey Joe. I made Rachel Ray's apple onion stuffin muffins, a sweet potato casserole, green salad and a crustless pumpkin pie. Karon provided the green bean casserole, rolls and a pecan pie. I had a fun time cooking in my little rv kitchen. Somehow it seems easier to cook and keep up with the "clean as I go" approach, since there's really no other way to do it. In the house we once owned, I was a pretty messy cook. Now, there's such limited space, I really need to stay more organized.

I started about 9 or so this morning and had everything coming together by around 2:00 when our guests arrived. We sat down and gave thanks for all of blessings of our lives and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. It was just right. In yesterday's journal I mentioned many of the things we're grateful for, our health, family, friends, and the freedom we have to live this wonderful life traveling our beautiful country.

We visited for quite a while after dinner, watching football and all the goings on around the park. Several new rigs have come in yesterday and today. It's fun to watch all the folks gather. Some will be here all winter, and others are just passing through on their way to, who knows.

The weather turned much cooler today. The cold front moved in last night with a big gust of wind. We're all toasty warm in the motor home, though, ready for our respective Thursday night shows. I'll be watching Survivor China and Grey's Anatomy, while Jim will head for the bedroom to watch yet another football game.

We hope all our friends and family have had as nice a day as we have.

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Gale & Anna said...

crustless pumpkin pie....I need that recipe...anna