Friday, November 30, 2007

Geocaching Again

Well, the rv park we're in is starting to fill up with other Winter Texans. We've been here since November 7, and this whole time, we haven't had any other rigs on either side of us. Yesterday, we got a neighbor on one side of us. They're on the side opposite our door, which isn't too bad for us. Now we like people, we like to socialize, but we don't like to be scrunched in like sardines. And that's what it will feel like with rigs on both sides of us. It's about time to move on.

But, that will mean saying "see ya later" to our friend Karon and her husband. We met them at a mutual friend's house almost two years ago, and we've become close friends. They are leaving Monday to go have some work done on their motor home, so they're not sure when they will back here. We're here for one more week, then we'll start heading to California.

So, today, Jim suggested I get together with Karon to have a last "girl's day out" before we both leave. She had an errand in Corpus, so we took care of that first, then headed out for some geocaching. She's getting darn good at this!

Here she is with her second find of the day. Sorry, I can't tell you where this is, but if you're in the Rockport/Fulton area, it's not too far away.

While she signed the log, I got some pictures of the bloomin' bushes nearby. I'm sure someone might recognize these, but I have no idea what they are.

Here's a different one
Another find near Conn-Brown Harbor in Aransas Pass.

After finding three of three caches, we stopped at a local restaurant and had some lunch. When we went to the location of another cache, we noticed several people hanging around where we thought the cache might be, so we moved along to the next location. This one proved to be invisible, so we finally gave it up and headed home.

While he was out, Jim saw this boat and the piles of burlap bags on the dock. These are bags of oysters, and he watched them getting bagged. Interesting!

Ah, another day in the life.

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