Friday, November 9, 2007

A Friday in Rockport

After my walk this morning, we decided it would be a good idea to see about getting reservations for the time over the Christmas and New Years holiday. We are planning to go to the Central Coast area of California. We already knew about a couple of RV Parks in Morro Bay, which is close to Jim's cousin. I read the reveiws on for a few parks in the area, and then we started making calls. We're not sure we're going to like the site we've managed to reserve, but we probably waited too long to get started on this. We actually have 2 reservations at this point. One is for 10 days and leaves us without a place after Dec. 28. The other one gets us past New Years, but the reviews of this park are dismal. Anything in that area is going to be pretty expensive, even state parks, and many of the places we tried are already booked.

Finally we decided that if we were going to get anything else done today we should leave things as they are for the time being and decide if we want to keep or change the plans. We had our grocery list made, so we took off for the local grocery store. Home with our treasures, we started fixing our afternoon meal. One thing we've found about our eating habits in this lifestyle is that 3 "regular" meals a day are too many on most days. We tend to have a late breakfast, so by the time we're hungry for lunch, it's halfway to supper time. Many days, we have our main meal sometime mid afternoon. Then in the evening we might have a light snack. Today, Jim fried some tilapia outside on his Coleman 2-burner gas stove that folds up like a waffle iron. I fixed a salad, aspargus and baked potato inside.

Jim decided today was the day for his haircut, so he left to do that while I walked the dogs. Here's a couple of shots of them, just being cute.

Bobo likes the front dash area, here he is sitting in front of the closed windshield shade.

Jasmine, wondering what I'm up to.

This is the recreation hall which is just a row over from our site. In this building there is a big swimming pool, a large open room, a library, fitness room, meeting room and a little store. The picture doesn't show the entire building.

Here's the dog walk area

Looking toward the front gate of the park, where the fountain with the sails and dolphins are.

After the haircut, we took a drive and found a few other interesting things to see.

This is around the Fulton Harbor

Another beautiful sunset

Another shot of the sunset from across the Copano Bay Bridge.

Well, it's been another great day in our lives. We appreciate every day we have!


Karen said...

Hi Ellie and Jim
Just wanted you to know your pictures are great. Also, ellie have you thought of making your blog/journal into a book. It has good information and your writing style is enjoyable. A title: On the road again with __________ or RVing in Style or Living it Up in Style etc.
Keep in touch Karen

Kerry said...

Hi Ellie and Jim,
Totally agree - pics are terrific! Love Bo and Jas - Meggie's favorite place is the dash too! Whenever we stopped, that's where you'd find her! Good idea about the journal too!