Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Day of Coastal Adventure

Today started out with our friend, Karon, meeting me with the dogs at the park for a walk. I knew there was a geocache somewhere in this park, so I thought we might be able to find it. Indeed, we did find it, off the walking path in the brush under a tree. I'm encouraged by finding my first cache! Of course, now I'm hooked (and I think Karon is too) and will be wanting to find more!

Karon and I decided to let our husbands have a day to themselves while we went exploring for more geocaches and perhaps, some bird sightings. We started off with the closest geocache location. The location was easy to find, and the coordinates showed us we were in the right spot, but there was nothing to be found there, other than a historical plaque. So we moved on to the next place. This turned out to be a bird sanctuary and viewing area, with a long walk out to the observation deck. Again, we seemed to be right on the location of the geocache, but found nothing. But there were some good photo opportunities.

Here's where the day took a different turn, and I didn't know it until I got home to download the 80-plus pictures I took. I borrowed Jim's camera today because it has a 300mm zoom lense, and it has much higher resolution than my 4 megapixel camera. What I missed, though, was a little button that he's programmed to take black and white pictures. Yep, every picture I took today was in black and white. Well, we did see some interesting birds and sights, but, unfortunately, the pictures weren't at all what I wanted to publish here -- a learning experience for me!

We had a great time, though, looking at many bird gathering places in this area and taking in the historical sites around Rockport, Fulton and Bayside. We had hoped to see Sand Hill Cranes and Roseate Spoonbills, but didn't find any today. We did see White Pelicans, and what we think were Long Billed Curlews. Next time I hope to get some good pictures of them.

Meantime, I'll share a few more of the pictures that we took yesterday.

Here's a pelican stretching his wings.

Near sundown, the boats in the Fulton Harbor.

This reminded me of Comedian Bill Engval when he says, "Here's Your Sign!"

Even though the day didn't turn out as I thought it would, I had a great time visiting with my friend, getting some exercise and fresh air, and learning more about the history of this area. Oh, yes, and a small technical learning experience!

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