Saturday, December 1, 2007

Playing with Keyboards

I don't have a lot of news today. We didn't go out and have any adventures today, other than our usual walks.

Most of my day has been spent at keyboards. The first keyboard was my Yamaha PSR 172. I think I mentioned that I'd found a couple of music books in Corpus, so I've been getting my keyboard out to practice every couple of days. I set it up on a little table in front of "my" chair and plug in the headphones. That way, Jim and I can still co-exist peacefully while I practice my music. I spent over an hour doing that. One of the books I bought is Christmas music. The other is popular favorites.
Jim grilled a wonderful pork tenderloin for lunch. I baked one white and one sweet potato and heated some vegetables. A simple meal, but very good.

Then, I continued the planning and researching for our journey to California. I'm glad we're going because we'll have a chance to visit family, and I'll meet a cousin of Jim's for the first time. But, we should already be on the road. We didn't allow nearly enough time to make this journey, so we will be traveling every day for about 7 to 10 days on the way out there. We're going to spend 3 nights in Austin, but then it will be one night at each stop until we get to Santa Barbara. Then, if we haven't been delayed anywhere along the way, we'll have 2 or 3 nights at Lake Cachuma near Santa Barbara. We are limiting ourselves to about 200 miles a day, so at least we'll have a chance to have our morning walk and afternoon relaxation.

As we complete our first year of fulltiming, I realize we are still on learning curve -- learning to not think the way we did when we "went on vacations". Learning that the journey is the destination. Most of this trip will be through stretches of I-10 that we've been on before, but every time we travel I see and experience new things, no matter how many times I've been that way before. Well, we will do this, but we'll also be aware of planning our travel a little differently as we go into the new year.

Gee, I didn't get out and take any pictures today. I found a few more of the 350 or so we took the other day on our whooping crane tour that you might enjoy.

Until tomorrow then.

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