Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is This Saturday?

One thing about fulltiming, I don't always know right off what day it is. Yesterday there were college football games on tv, which usually means it's Saturday. But today there were college football games on too, so I was wondering if we had 2 Saturdays this week. After he retired, my dad used to say it was just awful, he never had any weekends or holidays any more. Yeah, right. I usually know if it's a weekend day, but during the week, I often lose track of which day it is.

I didn't sleep much last night. It was raining, and that was noisy enough on our roof, but to add to the noise, a tree right above us blew waves of rain that hit the roof every time a gust of wind came along. I had a hard time getting up this morning, until Jim started grumbling that some of our electric outlets weren't working and the coffee pot wouldn't come on. About the same time, Jasmine got sick to her stomach again.

Oh boy. Rain all night, a sick dog. Those are tough, but no coffee!! Now that just can't happen. So I got up and checked to see if the little blue light on my computer was lit. That means it has electric power. Yep, it's on. I moved the coffee pot to the dash, where I could plug it in to the front outlet and got the coffee going. Ok, now we can deal with the rest of the trouble.

I don't know what's going on with Jasmine. She was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis a few months ago and we have to be careful to make sure she only gets her prescription food. She hasn't gotten into anything lately. She's not acting sick, but she's thrown up twice in two days. We'll just watch her and if she keeps doing it, I'll take her to a vet next week and have some blood work done.

As to the electrical trouble, we found the gfci outlet was tripped. We think the cord for the outside lights got wet in the rain and popped it. Once it was reset, everything worked.

It also quit raining, so I didn't get soaked walking the dogs. But I was not full of energy, so I've just stayed inside most of the day. I got the dogs' bedding washed and dried.

I also defrosted the freezer. We have a two-compartment freezer, with the ice maker in one compartment. That gets covered in frost every few months and the ice maker gets jammed up if I don't defrost it fairly often. Today it needed to be done.

We didn't take any pictures today. However, I was going through some of the ones we've taken that haven't been published yet. I found a few with some birds I had not identified. I still don't know some of them but I'll play "guess the bird" -- feel free to join in.

My guess on this one is a greater yellowlegs

This is a gull, but I don't know which one

Guinea Hens?

At first I thought this was a great blue heron, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe it's a little blue heron.

I don't know about this one, maybe some kind of ibis?

All of these pictures were taken from the wetlands area here in Rockport where there is a bird observation deck. This is the place we've seen roseate spoonbills at a distance. There's also a geocache here that I've not been able to find in 3 tries. But I have a new clue, so when the weather gets a little better, I'm heading back over here. Maybe I'll find the cache, and maybe I'll get more birds.

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Aunt Ruth said...

Jazzy has got to get well. She is much too cute to be sick. Aunt Ruth