Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Busy Day

We had a few things on the list today, including washing the motor home. I started the day by going shopping at Walmart to get the washing solution plus a few other items. This is noteworthy because we've been here almost a month and I've only been to Walmart 3 times now. I think that's a record.

We also needed to be home for a propane delivery. Luckily, they came while we were washing the rig, so we didn't have to hang around after the chores were done.

After the work got done, we took a drive towards Bayside, which is a tiny town on the other side of Copano Bay. Here are today's pictures:

An Osprey waiting for his dinner

Finally, I've seen the sandhill cranes! There were about a dozen in the field right next to the road.

We just love palm trees

The fishing pier at the little park in Bayside

An alpaca having a snack
Not a very good picture, but a nice looking donkey
There were probably over a hundred birds on these wires, I couldn't get all of them in the shot
I've talked to several people in the rv park here today, as it is filling up. I'm glad we're getting back on the road, but I am going to miss Rockport. Tomorrow we'll finish up all the checks, and get our little house packed up and ready to leave fairly early on Friday.

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