Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Slow Day

We had a slow start today and really never got going any faster. One of the benefits of being retired is that it won't hurt us to have slow days. Generally, if we don't get something done today, tomorrow will be just fine.

It was supposed to be cold last night but I don't think it got much below the mid 40's, and the wind was calm. The day turned out clear, sunny and warm. We had a good walk this morning after breakfast. I needed to get a haircut so I went over to the WalMart. I did get a couple of shirts and 2 books, but no haircut as the wait was quite long. Across the street from WalMart I found a hair salon that takes walk ins. Finally, got an acceptable hair cut. One of the things I'd heard about what women miss on the road is their hairdresser. Well, it's true for me. I had a hairdresser who really did a good job on my hair, he'd been cutting it for several years. Lately I've had a couple of cuts that were more like scalpings. Now I'm starting to get the shaping back that I had before.

Jim wanted to get started on his maintenance checks that need to be done before we leave. Since we're going to be washing the motor home starting tomorrow, he went ahead and stowed the awning and all the little do-dahs from the yard. He also organized his tool compartment and got rid of some things that we don't need anymore.

He also wanted to get in one more fishing trip, so he packed up his tackle and went over to Fulton Harbor. While he was gone, I cleaned out my closet. I gathered several more bags of clothes to be donated. Living in a motor home sure does help me keep the clutter somewhat under control. For a pack-rat personality like mine, that's a big statement.

I also worked more on the trip planning. I've changed our stopping points for each day so that we may be able to spend a couple of nights in Tucson. I follow several other travel journals, and know that Sandra, of Nightly News, is in Tucson until the end of December. I'd love to be able to meet her. So, hopefully we'll be able to get together and we'll have a couple of days to rest.

That's it for today. I'll have some new pictures for tomorrow.

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