Sunday, December 30, 2007

This and That

I almost stayed home today, but didn't quite make it. Both dogs got bathed and the Christmas decorations got removed and stored. I had a Kohl's Cash coupon that was good for $50, but needed to be used by Jan. 2. We needed a couple of things from the grocery, so it worked out that I would go. I went to Kohls, spent my $50 and a little more for a few items of clothing. (I recently sorted through clothes and sent several bags to the Goodwill, so I actually had some empty hangers in my closet! Not any more, balance has been restored.) I then stopped at the grocery store and picked up the things we needed before heading back home.

In the RV-Dreams chat room last night, I promised I would take some pictures of the crowded conditions here at Wine Country RV Resort, so here they are.
To borrow a phrase from Fred, of the Wandering Wishnies, we are "stacked up like cordwood" here.
Here is a motor home pulled in facing the back of a 5th wheel.

Here's another one where the front of the motor home faces the back of a 5th wheel.

Hard to see in this one, but the awnings on these 5th wheels are nearly touching.

A rew rigs left today, but were quickly replaced. Well, in a few days, we'll be off and rolling again, and we'll hopefully get a break from feeling like sardines.

Friends of ours, Marie and Louis, left a comment on yesterday's entry. They asked about Mr. Bo Jangles and Jasmine, so I thought I'd answer their question and talk about being fulltimers with dogs. Mr. Bo Jangles met Strumpor, Marie & Louis' "schnoodle" when they were both puppies. Mr. BJ (Bobo) was agressive then and he still is, to some extent. The introduction of Jasmine, our female miniature schnauzer, settled him down quite a bit. He didn't like her at first, but after a few weeks, he decided she wasn't so bad. They are good little travelers, but I do have to work with them when we're out walking in RV parks and we meet other dogs. They don't "meet and greet" other dogs very well. Some dogs are pretty mellow about saying "hi" to other dogs, and some are not. Mine are not. They usually do better the second or third time they meet another dog.

When we are traveling, each dog is in an individual harness which is hooked into a seat belt on the sofa. We also crate them when we're gone. We believe they do less barking and stay calmer while we're gone if they are in their crates. They also sleep in their crates. I know a lot of people don't like to crate their dogs, and it took me awhile to be comfortable with it, but I understand dogs don't feel the same way we do about crating. They are secure and comfortable in their crates. We're more secure and comfortable when they are too, so it works for us. The crates get moved to the bed during the day. At night, they are next to my side of the bed in a "condo" type arrangement; one is stacked on top of the other. We tried putting them out in the living area, but they like to be next to me, so that didn't work out.

I groom them myself, which saves us at least $60 every month or so. I have all the equipment I need, including a grooming table. I bathe them in the shower, which is very easy with a long shower hose and a low clearence getting into the shower stall.

Jazz likes to sit in my lap, and if I have the laptop there, too bad!

The football season is winding down, the Denver Broncos finished their season with a win, but they'll be watching the playoffs from home. Jim's team, the Cowboys, lost today, but will be in the playoffs, with home field advantage (as long as they keep winning). Another day in the life.

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