Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Before Christmas

Yesterday, I told Ruth & Wayne, Jim's aunt & uncle, that they might enjoy geocaching. They suggested going today, so we made arrangements to go this morning. Jim decided at the last minute that he wanted to go finish some shopping by himself, so off he went in one direction and Ruth, Wayne, and I in another.

I'd read about a cache near a large, old oak tree here in Paso Robles that had been drilled and stuffed with acorns by birds. We found the location but had to be sneaky about the cache. It's located in a residential area and there were yard workers raking leaves at the house nearest this massive oak. We got out and wandered over to the tree, studying the incredible acorns stuffed into holes all over the tree. Ruth took pictures with her camera while I nonchalantly wandered around where the cache should be. Ah, found it, grabbed it, now time to go back to the car and take a look. We got the log signed and the cache returned safely to the hiding spot.

Picture? Oh, that. Well, I, uh, I forgot my camera. Yes, I know, how could I go out and leave my camera at home! I'll get back over there to take pictures, I promise, because it is truly an amazing sight to see all of these acorns stuck into this tree.

With the first cache under their belt, Ruth and Wayne were ready to go find another. I was trying to navigate to the next location and sign on to the geocaching website at the same time. I had a very slow connection to the internet, so the clues and descriptions weren't happening. I did have my little Garmin with the locations pinpointed, so we could at least get to the next ones. The second location was certainly not that scenic or interesting. But, Wayne was getting into this treasure hunt idea and he actually found the second one. We were two for two!

The third one turned out to be elusive and we didn't find it, but we did find a neat pioneer museum that Ruth had a great time exploring. By the time I gave up on the third one, we decided to call Jim and see if he was tired of the crowds and shopping so we could go to lunch. He was, so we met him in the Walmart parking lot (What were we thinking!) and found a little restaurant for lunch.

After lunch, we came back home and I finished my Christmas cards. I wasn't going to send any this year, but I kept remembering people I hadn't talked to or heard from in a while and wanted to get in touch with. So, while we were in Tucson, I picked up some cards and wrote a quick Christmas note to include in some of the cards. Finally, today I got them all finished and dropped in the mail. Some will make it in time, some will not. It's the thought that counts, I hope!

I was then getting ready to log on to the RV Park's free wifi that has been working great since we've been here, but I couldn't connect. I kept getting a message that the server wasn't responding. I walked over to the office and they checked with their technical guy who said he was on and it was ok, so I came back, messed with it some more, still not responding. I tried it on the other laptop. Still got the same message. So, I took the laptop over to the office and the tech guy came in. He messed with it a bit, then called the provider. More delay. Finally I think the provider must have restarted their server and we were back in business. I do have service with my Verizon air card, but we're not in a broadband area, so the connection is very slow. The wifi signal in the park has been very strong, reliable, and fast, so I've been using it instead.

Since I didn't take any new pictures today, here are three more we took yesterday in Morro Bay.

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