Sunday, December 9, 2007

Meeting Another Friend and Saying "See Ya" to Another

Today has brought a mixture of events and feelings, as most days do. It's just that the ones today have had a strong impact on me. First, early this morning I got up and started preparing breakfast for Ann and Bob before they started their day's journey. I made waffles, ham, eggs and turkey bacon. We had a nice time visiting, and we'll miss them. Our plan is to get together in late March if they can get away and join us in Arizona. Of course, that is, if we're in Arizona then.

Here are Bob and Ann, standing by our motor home.

And here we are, the sisters.

Ann, Jim and me

Bo Jangles and Jasmine, saying "bye". Can you tell Bobo's rear end is on the floor? Can you tell they both need haircuts?

In this age of electronics and the internet, one of the ways we meet people on the road is through various web sites and blogs. I've been following the blog of "Froggi Donna", called "From the Lily Pad" for some time now. She recently arrived at an RV park about 40 miles from here, so I contacted her to see if we could get together. My friend, Karon, also wanted to meet her, and is also about 40 miles from Donna, so we all got together this afternoon at Donna's place. We enjoyed "girl talk" for a couple of hours, getting to know each other and chatting about life on the road. Donna is a solo rv'er who sold her house about a month or two ago and hit the road with her Class C motor home and a little trailer to tow her motorcycle. We found we have some common history - she lived in Colorado Springs about 15 years ago and did consulting work for the City of Colorado Springs, where Jim and I both worked. Small World!

Karon and Donna, next to The Lily Pad - she has Santa Hats on her mirrors!

The time passed too quickly, as it does every time I get together with new friends. All too soon it was time for Karon and me to get on the road so we could each get home before it got dark. A great day for visiting, but I always feel a little sad having to say "See Ya" too soon. Well, there's always Arizona in March!

While we've been in Texas, I've seen such beautiful courthouses. This is the Caldwell County Courthouse in Lockhart. I stopped on the way to Donna's and took a few pictures.

Tomorrow morning we'll pack up and start the next leg of our journey west. Oh, and sometime while I was driving back this afternoon, the cold air arrived. I probably won't be wearing shorts and a t-shirt tomorrow.

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