Friday, December 7, 2007

Travel Day to Austin

We're settled in at Oak Forest RV Park in the southeast part of Austin. We had a nice easy drive of just over 200 miles from Rockport in 4 hours. We stayed on state highways and off the interstate, so we didn't have much traffic to bother us.

While we're here, we'll spend most of our time with my sister, Ann and her husband, Bob. We're at their motor home now, visiting and waiting for dinner to get done. We'll play cards tonight. There are three games we play, canasta, cribbage, and spades. We play partners for canasta and cribbage. The partners are girls against guys. Ann & I like canasta better and the guys like cribbage better.
Tomorrow we're going to Round Top, Texas, to meet another friend for lunch. We'll come back and play cards again tomorrow night.
I caught a few shots along the way. It was quite dark and cloudy part of the way, as you can see.

This is our site.

If you look closely, you can see Jasmine in the front window.

This is Bob and Ann's Bounder. Theirs is a diesel.

I'm being called for supper, so that's it for today.

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