Saturday, December 8, 2007

Round Top Texas and Meeting Friends

If you're ever at a loss of what to do out in the middle of nowhere east of Austin and west of Houston, drop in on the little town of Round Top Texas, and visit Royers Round Top Cafe, which has been featured on The Food Network for their pies. It's a cutsey little place, emphasis on little, and the food is pretty good, not the best I've ever had. But the pie, that was great. There are enough signs, t-shirts and other paraphernalia on the walls to keep you occupied while you wait for your food to be delivered. A sign on the porch warns that "if you're in a hurry, go to Houston."

The best part of the experience, though, was getting to meet a friend I've corresponded with online for a couple of years, and her husband. My sister and brother in law, Ann & Bob, went with us to meet Ellie and Ron, who live just outside Houston. Since Round Top is roughly halfway between here and Houston, we chose that location to have lunch and get to know each other face to face. We had a great time visiting and shopping in the few shops scattered around an intereting little town.

Here are Ann and Bob

Ellie, Ann and EllieJim and me

Royers Round Top CafeThe sun setting on the way home. What looks like a spot on the sun is a cloud.

The weather started out cloudy, but by the afternoon the sun came out. It's still very warm here, around 79 degrees.

Tonight we'll be playing cards again with Ann and Bob. We played last night, with the guys winning every game. I hope Ann & I do better tonight! It's been great to see them again, that's one thing we miss -- the opportunity to spend time with family whenever we want. But it also makes the time we do get together that much more special. As a matter of fact, many things about this lifestyle remind us how precious our time is.

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