Friday, December 14, 2007

A Productive Day

Again, I woke up early. Or maybe it's just staying dark longer. I'm having a hard time grasping the concept that winter is upon us and it's almost Christmas.

Today's mission was to get groceries and find a few places around Tucson we need, like a place to purchase propane, if we need to on the way out of town. I also wanted to see if there is a Trader Joe's here - Yes! Not only one, but 4 stores! I was so excited, as I've missed shopping there.

We found everything we needed and few things we probably don't, like a Cranberry Panettone Cake. Can't wait to try that one. Trader Joe's also has these amazing granola bars that are only $1.99 a box. I thought surely the price would have gone up, but nope, still $1.99. Oh, and their chunky salsa. Almost as good as Jim's homemade!

After shopping, we headed back to the motor home to put all the groceries away. We should be ok with food for awhile. Sandra and Gordon stopped by on their way out to do some running around. She's been stuck inside for a couple of days due to her foot being hurt. She was ready for some outside activity. Jim wanted to get a haircut, so he also headed back out. That left me to straighten up the place and get a little relaxation done. I also got caught up on some e-mail and phone calls.

When they were on the way back to their rig, Sandra and Gordon stopped by to get the strawberries I picked up in WalMart for them. We discussed the plans for meeting Jo and Fred Wishnie tomorrow.

Our time here is going by fast!

I didn't take any new pictures today, but here are a few we took yesterday.

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