Friday, December 28, 2007

Wanna go to Monterey for Lunch?

More often than not, we start a day without a specific plan. Today started out like that. Over coffee, we discussed whether to try to get reservations at the Hearst Castle, or go shopping, or just what we wanted to do. I asked Jim if he wanted to go to Monterey for lunch. He asked how far it is. I said, maybe 100 miles or so, couple of hours, no big deal. I even volunteered to drive.
Now, I've driven Highway 1 around Monterey and Big Sur, although it's been many years. Maybe I was being a little sneaky, but I knew Jim would love the trip, even if that hundred or so miles took a lot longer than a couple of hours.
We set out about 9:30 or so. On the way out of the park, we saw Grant and said "see ya later" to him. I'm sure we will see them again, they're great folks and I'd love to spend more time getting to know them better. Safe Travels, Grant, Kathy and Raider!

Jasmine was out of dog food, so we had to stop at a vet's office with her prescription to pick up her Hills WD food.

Finally, we got close to the 101 Freeway. I was in the left lane, ready to get on 101 South so I could take the 46 West over to Highway 1. It was at that point Jim realized I was not taking the 101 North to Monterey. Oh well, I'm driving, I get to choose my route.

What an awesome drive! Lots of twisty, turny, hilly road for about 100 miles, and that was after we got over to the 1. We actually made fairly good time, considering I was driving about 30 mph most of the time. We pulled off several times for pictures.

We pulled off where we saw a line of probably 50 to 75 people standing at the edge of the cliff watching something. We realized we'd gotten to the elephant seal viewing area. Here are several of the massive animals lounging and playing.

In another spot this lone seal was lounging.

Near the lone seal, this baby came out of the water and took a spot to rest.

At another stop, Jasmine wanted to be held. You can see the road over my right shoulder.

The skies were pretty cloudy and we got a little mist on the way to Monterey so a lot of pictures didn't turn out very well. I liked this shot though.

We got to Monterey around 1:00, not bad. We found a little out of the way deli and had sandwiches for lunch. We drove along the coast for quite a few miles before getting back on Highway 1 and heading back.

On the way back the skies were much clearer. We'd hoped for a good sunset but it wasn't all that great so we just kept going. Today I did all the driving and Jim did all the photography. Here's another of my favorite views.

We got back at almost 6:00. A great day!


Dee_NC said...
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Dee_NC said...

You did our favorite sightseeing yesterday and today. Solvang is on our list to camp. You got to see the seals but we didn't, so we have to get back there. Great pictures!! Safe travels and hope you can stay in the area a couple days.