Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cloudy Sunday

This has been another one of those days that has not held a lot of excitment. Let's see, I cooked breakfast, something I don't do every day.

Both dogs got bathed. I didn't groom them, but they really needed cleaning up. Neither one of them is overly fond of the actual shower, but they both act happy when they're clean!

Karon and I spent a couple of hours looking for some birds and taking a few pictures. We saw a crowd of roseate spoonbills, but they were way too far away for pictures.
This is the big shell at the entrance to the Rockport Beach Park.

These white pelicans were all lined up in a row

This is the information sign at the observation area we frequent.

Here's Karon on the walkway to the observation deck

A nice tri colored heron

And the ever present laughing gull

Jim was going to cook some of his fish today, but it kept threatening rain, so we ended up postponing that.

I talked to son, Josh. He's going to be driving out to California to join us for Christmas, then he'll visit a friend of his who lives out there. We talked to Jim's aunt. She and his uncle are leaving tomorrow for their daughter's house in the central coast area of California, where we will meet for the holiday. Everyone is getting excited about our time together.

Other than that, I've continued to plot the trip out to California while we watched football. We will spend a few days in Austin next weekend. I'm just as excited about that, since it will be a chance to visit with my sister and brother in law who will be on their way home to Colorado Springs.
Just another great day!

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