Saturday, December 15, 2007

Visiting With Friends

Do you remember the TV show, "On The Road" with Charles Kuralt that aired starting in the late 1960's? He was the journalist who traveled around the country, filming interesting and unusual places and people. One of the episodes, or maybe it was several, included pictures of unique mailboxes. Today on the way to meet Sandra, Gordon, Jo and Fred, we saw this mailbox. It reminded me of Mr. Kuralt and brought to light the realization that he probably had a lot of influence on me, and possibly many of today's fulltimers in our love for the road. So here's to you, Mr. Charles Kuralt:

The plan today was to meet our new friends at a restaurant not far from us, called Coyote Pause. They are only open until 2:00, so we met at 11:00 for brunch. We got there at the same time as Jo and Fred, and even though we'd never met them before, we knew them right away.

From left to right, Jim, Ellie, Sandra, Gordon, Fred, and Jo

We got our meals and visited for quite a while at the restaurant before deciding to go back to the Diamond J RV Park. Jo and Fred brought their adorable Shih Tzu, Boo Boo. We gathered at Sandra and Gordon's RV and talked and snapped pictures for a couple of hours.

BooBoo is an energetic little ball of fur that is gaining quite a reputation in the RV-Dreams community. Here I am, trying to hold her still long enough for a picture.

Sandra, trying to hold her still long enough for a picture.

Gordon actually got her to sit still for a picture!

Ellie, Sandra and Jo.

Well, here's BooBoo again!

We enjoyed the day visiting with these great folks. I'm fairly certain our paths will cross again somewhere down the road.

Tomorrow it's back to work - both dogs need grooming in the worst way, and our laundry is taking over my closet.


dreamjosie said...

Love your mailbox picture. It's fun to spot them. We saw a lot of cool ones down in Florida.

Your pictures of our visit are better than mine. But we work with what we have :)

Coleen & Jerry Elkins said...

Hi Ellie,

I love your photos! What a great life you are living.