Monday, December 10, 2007

Slow and Carefully Down the Road We Go

Our usual travel preparation work went very smoothly, and we were ready to check lights and turn signals by about 9:30 this morning. Jim turns on the microphone and I stand behind the Saturn and tell him which signal to turn on and when to hit the brakes. All went fine until I said "Brakes" -- no brake lights on the motor home. The brake lights on the Saturn were fine, but nothing on the motor home. Since we were all hooked up and ready to pull out, we decided to go to the front of the office area and check it out. We spent about 45 minutes trying to figure out why they weren't working. Jim didn't find any fuses blown, and he did get them working at one point. With all the rest of the lights working, we decided to go on and stop in a while to see the status.

Oh, and it was foggy and damp. Not freezing, just chilly. Once we got across Austin, we stopped to check everything out again and found that one brake light on the motor home was working now. Our planned mileage today was about 230 miles so we just took it easy, knowing we'd get to the proposed campground a little later.

Foggy and Damp - you can see the water on the windshield.

These two pictures were taken from the spot we stopped to have a quick sandwich for lunch.

We're settled in to a campground near I-10 just outside Ozona, Texas. My interent connection is very slow, so I will wait to post pictures from today's journey.

Even weeds have their beauty.

This is the view in front of our motor home.

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Donna McNicol said...

Be careful out there! Still cool and very foggy here...the temperature is 10 degrees warmer than it was at noon but the drizzles continue. Dish not finding any satellite signal so watching TiVo'd stuff. Supposed to be back at 82 tomorrow then cooler again. Egad....LOL!