Thursday, December 6, 2007

Last Minute Stuff

Today was our last full day in Rockport, Texas - at least for awhile. We feel very comfortable here, so we are sure to return at some point.

I started putting things away and doing some cleaning this morning. Jim got out his air compressor and checked and aired all 10 tires. He also put the Pressure Pro transmitters on all the motor home tires. We'll put the Saturn's on in the morning. We are really glad to have this system. We've had a nasty blowout on the Saturn, and we've seen and heard about other people having blowouts. Now, Pressure Pro will not prevent a blowout, but if we do have a problem with the air pressure in any tire, we'll know it, hopefully before we get to a blowout situation.

We finished cleaning the outside of all the windows. Now I have just a few "doggie kisses" to clean from the front windshield.

A final trip to Mustang Island was in order. We'd been to a shop near the bridge over to Corpus Christi and I wanted to go back and pick up a few little do-dahs for the grandkids. I like the drive over there anyway, so away we went.

This is the view from the car window as we started over the bridge that goes toward the ferry to go to Port Aransas.

Here we are waiting to get on the ferry.

We're the first car in our row!

A welcoming committee of one.

We got to the gift shop, bought our goodies and headed back. We stopped in Port Aransas to have some lunch and headed back across the ferry.

Cormorants in a row.

After we got off the ferry, I wanted to see if we could catch the dolphins playing. Jim drove around until we found a place near the ferry landing and we waited to see if they would play for us. Here we go!

Great Jump!

So with that final "wave" from the dolphin, we came back home to finish getting the wheels ready to roll.

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