Sunday, December 23, 2007

Son Josh Arrives!

I've got my Christmas present. Our 30 year old son, Josh, drove out to Paso Robles, CA, from Colorado Springs to spend Christmas with us. He got in around 8 p.m. last night. We sat and visited for awhile, and then got to bed early. We were all pretty tired, he from driving for 2 days, me from not sleeping much the previous night.

Today, I needed to get one more gift, so Josh went with me. Gift purchased. Sorry, can't say any more about that just now. I told Josh I needed to go take a picture of a tree, so off we went.

Here's Josh standing next to the tree. Notice anything unusual about it?

What about from this view?

It's a pretty big tree!

Here's the interesting thing about this tree. A couple of days ago we found a geocache here. The description of the location included a paragraph about this tree, describing how birds drilled holes in which to place acorns for their later use. The whole trunk of this huge old oak tree looks like this, with acorns stuck into it. Quite a sight.

I decided to take Josh for a drive over to the coast so we took 46 West to Highway 1 and drove down the coast a little ways to find a place to pull out and stare at the ocean for awhile. We needed the time to be together and discuss the things mothers and sons discuss. He's facing a hard time right now and we used the time to talk about our lives.

Back home, we were treated to In-N-Out Burgers delivered in person by Bev, Ruth, and Wayne. Then we decided to take a drive over to Morro Bay. On the way over, we talked about getting some sunset pictures from Morro Rock.

Here's Jim at the base of Morro Rock, watching the water and waiting for sunset.

One tiny part of Morro Rock. As a rock climber, Josh was really disappointed that climbing is not allowed here.

Josh is watching the waves crash against the rocks.

Sunset on the Pacific

Time to head back home and settle in for the evening before Christmas Eve. But then, I already have the best present.

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