Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Wonderful, Quiet Holiday

This was a quiet day with family. We didn't "do" a lot of gifts, since our gift is being together and enjoying our health, our friends, and especially, our family.

We did have Christmas stockings, so we got into those first thing this morning. Following that, we went to cousin Beverly's house and visited for awhile.

Then we came back home and the three of us just had a quiet afternoon together. Jim grilled steaks and I made a green bean casserole. After we ate, Josh packed up his few things and prepared to start the next leg of his journey, which is to the Eureka, California area to visit his best friend and family. He decided to leave this evening since it's over 500 miles and he wants to arrive during daylight. He'll drive a few hours tonight and then find a place to stop to rest and finish the drive tomorrow.

We talked to my sister, Ann and brother in law, Bob, in Colorado Springs. They were enjoying the day with their family as well. We also talked to daughter Robin in Colorado Springs. It's really cold there, so we don't miss that. We were glad Josh came out to visit us. We already miss him, but understand that he was ready to hit the road and enjoy the last half of his vacation with his friends.

We hope you've had a joyful holiday too.

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