Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years!

Another year gone! This has been a great one for us. We've seen a few new places, but not nearly enough. We've met some great folks, and hope the future holds many more meetings with new friends! My attitude about life has undergone some shifting this year. With each year that passes, life becomes more precious. Friends are more special, family is more important. Telling the people in my life what they mean to me becomes more urgent. Every time I talk to my friends and family, I tell them I love them. I do this because I mean it, and because we never know if it might be the last opportunity to do so.

Today I did manage to stay home until time to go out to dinner. Jim has come down with a cold, so he rested most of the day. We did go out for a walk this morning with the dogs. There is a large parking lot across the street from the rv park. It's paved, and it's not being used right now, so it makes a pretty good place to walk.

I also took the dogs and walked this afternoon. There is a vineyard adjacent to the rv park with a connecting gate to it. We walked around the path twice to get a few extra steps, since I knew we were going to dinner.

I spent quite a bit of time researching campgrounds and rv parks where we might stay. I talked to my sister and brother in law about where we might be at the end of March when they plan a trip to Arizona. It's a change for us to not have a plan for where we'll be. I like it, but it will take some getting used to.

Wayne, Ruth, and Beverly picked us up in Beverly's car around 4:00. I was once again the designated driver. That's ok with me, I had a blast driving Beverly's car. It's a powerful V8 and drives like a dream. We headed over to Cambria to eat at The Sea Chest. This is a popular local restaurant that opens at 5:30, doesn't take reservations, and accepts payment by cash only. We got there at just a little past 4:30, and there was already a line in place. People come and bring their wine, sit in line and sip wine while they wait for the opening. Of course, the view isn't bad while waiting as it's across the street from the ocean. We stood about 20 or so people back, visiting the people in front and in back of us. A couple of us stood in the line and the others went to sit in the car to stay warm. We switched positions a couple of times. I sat with Beverly and watched the sun set over the Pacific. I could do that every day!

Dinner was spectacular. I had a scallop and scampi combo over linguine. The flavor was just perfect. Jim had a mahi mahi with a ginger sauce, yum! Beverly brought a bottle of her wine to save the cost of buying a bottle at the restaurant. I drank hot tea. It was a wonderful meal and a special time of being together with family.

When we got home, I jumped into the RV-Dreams chat room and celebrated New Year's Eastern Standard time with the group. Life is good.

Jim and I wish each of you a very Happy New Year! Let's see what 2008 has in store for us!

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Donna McNicol said...

HOPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to a wonderful 2008 for you and yours.