Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Park Fills Up and We Meet Grant & Kathy

Wow, a lot of people travel in California the day after Christmas! Wine Country RV Resort was nearly empty this morning. But by late this afternoon, we'd watched probably close to 100 rigs come in. Big rigs, small trailers, 5th wheels galore. New rigs, old rigs and then a few more!

Today was house cleaning day again, gee, they seem to come around pretty often. But with three of us here for 3 days, it got pretty messy. Jim was going to do laundry while I cleaned. I talked him into a walk first, and by the time we got back, the washers were full. So he went to the store instead. I vacuumed, scrubbed the bathroom, and polished the kitchen sink while he was gone.

Just as I finished all that, Jim came back and said Ruth and Wayne were on the way and could we go to lunch. We ate at a Texas-Wannabe barbeque place called Big Bubbas BBQ. I had a salad, so I can't comment on the quality of the barbeque.

Back home, I walked the dogs again and then relaxed for most of the afternoon while I watched the parade of RV's checking in. Jim had gone to do the laundry and I wandered over to help him fold and hang. We visited with people in the laundry room while we waited for the clothes to dry. It's fun talking to other fulltimers and get their perspective on the lifestyle. Funny, we never seem to talk to people unhappy with their decision to give up a house and hit the road.

After the laundry was done, we decided to walk over and introduce ourselves to Grant and Kathy, who are beginning their fulltime adventure. Even though they've lived in their beautiful Montana 5th wheel since September, today is their "official" start on the road. They had arrived earlier in the afternoon. Grant responded to my query on the RV-Dreams Forum regarding our route to Paso Robles. In our correspondence we discovered we'd both be here at Wine Country RV Resort. They will be here 2 nights before heading further south. Smart move on their part, it's cold here!

Here are Grant, Kathy and their loveable Golden, Raider.

We chatted about our respective paths to becoming fulltimers. Again, we have found many commonalities as well as differences. But our love of RVing is something we definitely have in common. We'll get a chance to visit again tomorrow, I hope.

Tomorrow we are planning a day trip to Solvang, a Danish town which is about an hour and half south on the 101. That should be interesting!


allieme74 said...
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allieme74 said...

Ellie & Jim,

Wanted to send a little note since I finally looked at your blog. This thing is so cool. The pictures are great. It was nice seeing one of Josh. I have not seen him in a long time. I can't believe he is 30 now. He was 15 when I first met him. Wow how time flies. Looks and sounds like you guys are having a great time. I am jealous...can't wait for my kids to grow up and move out so Loyd and I can hit the road as well!

Love you guys,


Fred Wishnie said...

About 15 miles south of Solvang, there's a great campground called Cachuma Lake Recreation Area. We stayed there for 2 weeks last spring and are looking forward to going back maybe this year again. If your going to stay in that area you might want to look at it.