Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunrise, Sunset, and a Few Things in Between

Rarely do I have the opportunity to take a picture of a sunrise. Even if I'm awake when the sun comes up, I'm probably not dressed or ready to go out and take pictures. But today I was up and dressed and here came the sun. I grabbed my camera and stepped outside to snap a few pictures.

With the day started in color, it was time to get moving on the required activities. I sorted the laundry and Jim helped me get it started in the little laundry room here at the park. There are 6 stacked washer/dryer combos. Of those, 5 are in working order. We used all 5. They are $1.00 each for washing and $1.00 for drying.

While the laundry was going, I got started with the next required activity, which was getting both dogs clean and groomed. Sandra stopped by to take a few pictures of the pups and to visit. She at least got pictures of clean dogs, but they hadn't been groomed yet. Jim helped by getting the laundry out of the dryers; plus folding and hanging everything. What a guy! The dogs took several hours, actually longer than I thought they would. But that's ok, I figure I save about $1,200 a year by grooming them myself, so I don't mind spending the time.

I was also getting a chicken ready to bake, so got that in the oven and made a broccoli salad to go with it. We'll be on the move for the next three days, and having a supply of already cooked chicken will help with meal preparation when we stop for the night.

The day went by quickly. I was working on some things on the computer and glanced up to see a fabulous sunset. So, I jumped up, grabbed my camera and went outside to snap a few pictures.

Not every day of this life is filled with excitment and adventure. The clothes still have to be washed and dried, food has to be prepared, and our pets have to get taken care of. Some days are lazy, some are busy. But every day has incredible beauty in it. When we lived in a house in a neighborhood in a city, sunrises and sunsets were not major events. It was only when we were in "special" mode, such as vacation, that we were able to stop and breathe in the beauty. We are so blessed to be so close to the beauty around us every day.

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Donna McNicol said...

Beautiful sunrise & sunset photos! I can't wait to see one worth shooting...of course the sunrise one will be a toughier. LOL!